Wing Walk Compound


Wing Walk Compound comes in two colors, black or gray. Wing Walk is a brush-on coating for wing walks or any areas where a gritty, non-skid walkway is desired. It is formulated to remain relatively soft throughout its service life to promote adhesion and prevent chipping.


Gallons and quarts.

Shelf life:

Guaranteed 2 years from date of manufacture in sealed container in protected storage. Avoid long-range storage above 100 degrees F. Protect from freezing.


One unthinned gallon covers approximately 150 square feet with one coat.


Stir thoroughly with a paint paddle before brushing. Insure that all the grit is in suspension and well mixed before application.


Use directly out of the can. If the compound is too thick for the intended use, it may be thinned 5 parts of compound to 1 part toluene.


May be applied over a variety of surfaces, epoxy-primed metal, wood, fabric on wood or composites. Insure that the surface is clean and free from contaminates before application. If applying over old wing walk areas, remove loose or flaking old wing walk compound. Apply with a brush, mixing compound often to insure that the grit is suspended uniformly. Apply multiple coats until the desired non-skid surface is achieved.


Wing Walk will dry overnight, but will remain slightly tacky for days after application. It can be walked on with care after 24 hours, but for the first week after application, take care not to unnecessarily stress the new coating. In a few weeks it will become a long-lasting non-skid coating that will provide excellent adhesion and long service life.