J-3000 Butysolv Rejuvenator


Rejuvenator adds fresh plasticizers to old, brittle dope coatings. It restores flexibility and suppleness in dope finishes that are cracking, ring worming, or losing adhesion. It softens and slightly flows old coatings to allow hairline cracks to close and fill. It does not restore color or gloss to faded Colored Dope, nor does it fill big cracks or voids.

NOTE: Rejuvenator only works if Colored Butyrate Dope is used as the topcoat; it will not penetrate polyurethane paint of any type.

Packaging: Quarts, Gallons, 5-Gallon Pails, 55-Gallon Drums.


Mix two parts J-3000 Butysolv Rejuvenator to three parts 9703 Butyrate Thinner.


Disassemble the aircraft, if possible. It's much easier to spray parts on sawhorses than upside down under the wings. Wash the fabric thoroughly as you would your car to remove dirt, grease and grime. Wet-sand the surface with 280-grit sandpaper; flush all residue; dry with clean rags. Mix two parts J-3000 Butysolv Rejuvenator to three parts 9703 Butyrate Thinner. Spray one full, wet cross-coat (two passes of the gun at right angles). Wait 30 minutes until the coatings become soft, then you may be able to use your fingers to smooth out hairline cracks and small ringworms. (Be sure to protect your hands.) Wait two hours and spray on another cross-coat of thinned Rejuvenator. Let dry at least overnight. Fill any remaining small cracks with Rand-O-Fill Silver Butyrate using a small brush. If necessary, spray two coats of Rand-O-Fill to give a good sanding and filling base. Sand as required and repaint with Colored Butyrate Dope.

Dry Time:

Although J-3000 Butysolv will dry overnight, it is best to wait at least three days before repainting to insure the powerful solvents in J-3000 do not damage the new paint.

Shelf Life: Two years unopened.