C-2210 Paint Surface Cleaner


A mild solvent cleaner used to clean surfaces before spray painting.


One quart and one gallon cans.

Shelf life:

Unlimited in unopened cans.



Ensure parts are well grounded, particularly in the presence of high static electricity. If the weather is such that you are getting shocked on doorknobs, ground the part with a proper grounding cord; aggressive rubbing can cause enough static electricity to ignite fumes.

Use sparingly on a barely damp clean rag or paper towel. Do not soak the rag, insure is only slightly damp. Wipe gently over surfaces that are about to be painted or between coats if you suspect contamination on the surface. If a wet film results, you are using too much. Follow with a dry clean rag or paper towel. Wait at least two hours for all solvents to evaporate, again, use only sparingly as a cleaner. If you put it on wet and immediately spray, the wet C-2210 can harm the film.