E-2390 Magna-Dyne Magnesium Conversion Coating {DISCONTINUED}


This product has been discontinued and is no longer manufactured by PolyFiber. There is no known substitute for this product. PolyFiber makes no guarantees as to how suitable any replacement is for your application. It is your responsibility to verify that a replacement product will work for your application.


A brush-on, wash-off, chromic acid treatment for magnesium alloy surfaces. Magna-Dyne develops a passive oxide film on magnesium surfaces to prevent galvanic corrosion by blocking any electrochemical cell. Recommended as a touch-up over all other conversion coating treatments after a paint stripping operation. Not harmful if trapped in faying surfaces. Non flammable. Concentrated solution. Dilute before using.


Thoroughly clean the surface with 1 part 310 Alkaline Cleaner in 20 parts water. Rinse with clean water, and wipe dry with clean rags. Never use Methanol (methyl alcohol) or wood alcohol to clean magnesium.

Dilute E-2390 Magna-Dyne with equal parts clean water. Using rubber gloves and eye shield, apply the diluted solution with a nylon or polyester brush or synthetic sponge, working a limited area to provide adequate attention. Continue wiping the surfaces, especially vertical and bottom areas to replenish drained off or spent solution. Horizontal surfaces which allow the solution to "pool" will require less reapplication. Chemical action on bare untreated magnesium will be noted by foaming which will stop when solution is spent. Keep surface wet 1 to 3 minutes. One minute treatment time produces a brassy iridescence. Three minutes produces a dark brown color, the best for paint adhesion. Do not exceed 3 minutes or a powdery coating may result.

If the surface is corroded or pitted, scrub with Scotch-Brite abrasive pads to show new metal before conversion coating treatment.

While the surface is still wet with E-2390 Magna-Dyne, rinse off with clean water or wipe with clean wet rags or sponge. Do not use hot water rinse.

Wipe dry and apply primer within 8 hours or before exposure to outside atmospheric conditions.

Magnesium is a very chemically sensitive metal and must be protected from rapid oxidation during the cleaning and conversion coating treatment process through priming to assure a good primer bond.


One quart diluted E-2390 Magna-Dyne will treat approximately 200 sq ft of surface area.


Guaranteed four years in sealed container in protected storage. Avoid long-range storage above 100°F. Protect from freezing.


One-quart plastic bottles.