UV Smooth Prime

What is UV Smooth Prime?

UV Smooth Prime is a waterborne urethane. It is used on composite aircraft to protect the structural epoxy of your composite surface from harmful UV light. It also provides an easy-to-apply, sandable coating and fills pinholes in your composite surfaces. When used in conjunction with Superfil, these products give a marvelously smooth platform for your final 2-part epoxy and top coats. The result~ a beautiful paint job!

How do I use it?

Smooth Prime may be applied with a foam roller. It's that easy. Follow the mixing instructions on the can. Apply 3 coats and allow it to dry. Sand it to get a reasonably smooth surface. Then apply 3 more coats either by roller or by spraying. Allow this to dry well and sand again gently until you have the level surface you desire.

After applying UV Smooth Prime ~

Let it dry for 7 days. If you live in a cold, damp climate invest in a dehumidifier ~ buy or rent it. ALL WATER must be out of the UV Smooth Prime before it is over-coated. Next, you will need to seal the UV Smooth Prime with a 2-Part Epoxy Primer like Poly-Fiber EP-420 or Randolph Epibond Primer; both of these are available through us. Allow the epoxy primer to cure for 1 week.

What coatings do I use for my top coat?

Over your now epoxy primed and UV Smooth Primed surface apply a top coat urethane. Either Aerothane or Ranthane are ideal aircraft-grade top coat urethanes and will provide a beautiful, glossy finish. (In the event you use another manufacturer's 2 part epoxy primer, we recommend you use that company's top coat paint to maintain compatibility.)

How do I get my UV Smooth Prime?

UV Smooth Prime may be purchased directly through us and through our distributors. Call us toll free at 800-362-3490 to order or to find the distributor nearest you.