Poly-Brush is a high-solids, one-part, air-drying adhesive coating formulated for the first and second coats to penetrate and seal the fabric weave and attach all polyester finishing tapes and reinforcing patches. It provides twice the peel resistance as nitrate dope on polyester fabric.

Poly-Brush is thinned 3 to 1. We add a small quantity of red oxide pigment as a visual aid for application uniformity. The original untinted Poly-Brush is available on request and recommended in the cockpit or cabin areas where the backside of the fabric will be visible in normal operation. Red oxide tinted Poly-Brush will be shipped unless untinted is specified.

Refer to the Poly-Fiber Manual for detailed application instructions.


Approximately 150 sq ft per gallon.


Guaranteed four years unopened in protected storage. Avoid long-range storage above 100°F. Not affected by freezing.


One-quart and one-gallon cans and 5-gallon pails.