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Ceconite Reinforcing Tape

Helps fabric resist cuts by rib lacing, pop rivets, and PK screws over rib caps. Comes in 1/4", 3/8", 1/2" widths. Polyester, sticky back.

Ceconite Anti-Chafe Tape

Masks and smooths sharp edges or protrusions under fabric from wear or punctures. Comes in 60-yard roll.

Ceconite Inter-Rib Bracing Tape

Stabilizes ribs prior to covering. Comes 1/2" wide on a 36-yard roll.

Ceconite Machine Sewing Thread

For envelopes, sewn seams, and repairs. 10 lb tensile strength, 4-ply thread. 500 yards per spool.

Ceconite Hand Sewing Thread

15 lb tensile strength, 3-ply thread. 250 yards per spool.

Rib Lacing Cord

Round 4-ply cord, .035", 60 LB strength. 500 yards per spool. The best you can buy.

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