Is There a Ceconite Instruction Manual?

You Bet! We took the original 1958 Ceconite manual and completely rewrote it... in clear plain English with plenty of photos, illustrations, and vintage cartoons. It covers the whole covering process.

This new and expanded June 2008 revision contains the following chapters:

Chapter 1 - Getting Ready

Chapter 2 - Airframe Preparation

Chapter 3 - Tune Up Your Iron!

Chapter 4 - Attaching the Fabric

Chapter 5 - Let's Do a Wing!

Chapter 6 - Control Surfaces & Fuselage

Chapter 7 - The Big Picture: How Many Coats?

Chapter 8 - Spraying Nitrate

Chapter 9 - Spraying Clear & Silver Butyrate

Chapter 10 - Color Coats

Appendix A - Envelopes & Sewing

Appendix B - Covering Plywood Surfaces

Appendix C - Rejuvenating Fabric

Appendix D - Dealing With Stains

Appendix E - Making Repairs

Appendix F - Airworthiness Limitations

Appendix G - Inspecting Fabric & Coatings

Appendix H - Product Profiles

The Ceconite STC

The Ceconite PMA

The Ceconite Installation Report

The Ceconite Approved Model List

Ceconite Covering Material Estimates